Celebrities Who Should Consider a Career in Event Rentals

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The title so you may not want that white box around it and you may just want your image and again if you don’t have the text of what the category is on the image you can use this one with title to show the title right there and what the title is is the name of the category so when you create.

event rentals

The category and you name it that’s what shows up right here okay the next one is background text color and really what this is is this text right here so we can Event Rentals change that to dark and you’ll notice that it changed colors there and let’s go ahead and change that the.

A bit so you can see that it’s a darker color and it changed and we go back to light again and now you’ll notice that it’s that color there and we didn’t save so that’s why it did that you’ll notice that it’s a different lighter text color remember any of these changes you make guys got to click this Save button here or it won’t take effect so that’s really it there okay so again . Read More